Your local butcher supplying meat for the week
Fantastic flavour every day

Based near Tadley in Basingstoke, Barkers Butchery can supply you with fresh, free-range meat for your family.

We want to supply meat that tastes as it should, with animals living the way nature intended them to live. We firmly believe that the better the animal lives, what it feeds on and how it is treated reflects on the quality and taste of the produce.

Once we have the produce in our shop, we then want to go the extra mile and recommend to you the best cuts you need for your intended recipes. Our aim is simple – to ensure that the produce in our shop translates into a gourmet meal on your table.

If you want something special, please just call us and we’ll do our best to get it for you.

Barkers Butchers Christmas Fair

A good butcher is for life not just for Christmas!


Buy your fresh vegetables, condiments pies and homemade cakes from Barkers Butchery too.

Josh is an excellent butcher, his meat is undoubtably of the finest quality, please try his meat you will not be disappointed.

Dennis Tucker

Excellent butchers – had the most delicious filet steaks ever. Look forward to going back!.

Alison Obye Smith